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Everyone wants to stand out from the competition, and I love finding that point of difference, the THING, that makes you better than the other choices. I help strategize a brand's edge. And these are some of the brands for which I was responsible for that.

Google  |  Kraft  |  Electrolux  |  MiracleGro  |  Evolution Fresh  |  Upshot Agency


google apps #workbetter

They were different: Simple, economical and modern programming for independent professionals and small businesses.

We made it special:  Simple, relevant 'work hacks' to save time, be more productive and build a better workplace with Google products. And consumers responded with the largest number of '+1's and 'reshares' the brand had experienced to date.

Kraft bbq sauce: new recipe

They were different: New BBQ sauce recipe with no high fructose corn syrup.

We made it special:  By a show of hands, giving Americans what they wanted: a sauce with real ingredients and a tasty BBQ experience. 

Vacuum POS Display canister sticker and extender.

Vacuum POS Display canister sticker and extender.

Eureka Airspeed

They were different: An affordable vacuum that was actually very effective.

We made it special:  At the height of the Dyson fanfare, people were wary to trust another brand. But this to-the-point signage educated how much power could really be had at 1/3 of the price of a Dyson.

Concept visual

Concept visual

Miracle Gro Nature's Care

They were different: Organic garden care with modern packaging

We made it special:  Millennials want to know where their food comes from, and starting from home could be the first step. A combination of bundle-purchase savings and charitable donations made this campaign inspiring to a new generation of lawn and garden enthusiasts. 

evolution fresh, innovative flavors 

They were different: New flavors that offered a little some extra compared to the standard green juice and protein drinks out there.

We made it special:  Incredibly tiny at-shelf real estate that delivered excitement for flavor, freshness and nutritional differentiators. 

Agency ad in Shopper Marketing Magazine

Agency ad in Shopper Marketing Magazine

Upshot agency trade ad

They were different: A smallish-sized agency with strong central capabilities, but also semi-autonomous, customized brand teams per client.

We made it special:  Call out the agency's difference front and center. Instead of the old buzzwords of 'integrated marketing', show the shift to true seamless marketing.