Turn it Around

As the juice category grew, Evolution Fresh juices were ripe to steal consumers from the 'standard' juice brands like Bolthouse Farms and Naked. They just needed to make a big splash to educate consumers on their superiority. For Evolution Fresh, the small print says it all, and that made a BIG difference.

We supported the big idea with digital media, print, shopper apps, interactive in-store signage and an educational website experience. But the invention of a hugely successful national holiday, Post-mates launch event and #TurnItAround sweepstakes really made it unique.



We created National Green juice day and delivered free juice, via Postmates in several major cities (most of which sold out in hours). Organic coverage of the holiday took hold across the health and wellness space, including some of our competitors.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.30.26 AM.png

the #turnitaround sweepstakes

Activated across the powerhouse social channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.